September 24, 2015

We have a large selection but Virgil is a horder

Tools Pics Updated Frequently, like all our items, we only carry one of most items.

Enough said, except that if you are going to get the tools Virgil has you will have to wrestle him for them", LOL. OK, that's not completely untrue. I do love my tools and it is a lot of fun for me when I find a horde of tools I can buy. Many do find their way to Dollar Deal Thrift but several don't make it out of my, eh hem, slightly packed garage. If you are lookin for tools I am stocking good quality used tools daily. So check in with us. If you don't find what you are looking for ask for me, Virgil, I know what I have yet to bring to the store and may have the tool you need.

Virgil Pontes
Hi, I'm Virgil and I agree with my wife Sharon. This Bio thing is much better done in person. I would really like to meet you and hear some of your stories about life and, if you like, I'll be happy to share a bit about me. If you can't make it today to Dollar Deal Thrift, head on over to the weekly blogs to find out a little about my passion for racing. Hope to see you soon at Dollar Deal Thrift!!!

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