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Unable to find work over a 2 year period Virgil and Sharon Pontes decided they needed to do something different. So, they started with yard sales and with Virgil’s keen negotiating ability and Sharon's love of people they decided to step up their game a bit. That was they beginning Dollar Deal Thrift. Opening Dollar Deal Thrift was the only logical to do with the success of the garage sales. They opened Dollar Deal Thrift in the Summer of 2018. It took about 5 weeks for Virgil to take a shell of a building with thousands upon thousands of staples, nails, hooks and screws in the walls to a place they are now proud to call their own.


It's now a place they are proud to call their business because of their great customers whom they thoroughly enjoy. Not to mention Virgils serious haggling skills.

Come on in and meet Virgil and Sharon, do some shopping, save some money! You'll be glad you did.

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