September 24, 2015


What qualifies as a collectible? Almost anything that someone is willing to pay money for because they don't have it! Simple, right? Well when you are in a business like ours dealing with a lot of 2nd hand items collectibles are bound to come along and they do. In fact at the moment of this post we have a HUGE SELECTION of BASEBALL CARDS. Some new in packages, some have been removed from the package and put in sleeves, some have been put into individual collections for a single player. Check out this pic which represents only a portion of the collection

Just a portion of the collection

We come across and display for sale all kinds of collectibles

A Good example would be metal signs, metal lunch boxes plates and some stuffed animals and dolls, literally an endless cascade of old, semi-old and new items, preferably in high demand. Comic Books, of course, Action Figures, Vintage Video Games are other categories and sometimes find their way into our store. We receive and display new items all the time. We are happy to help you find something we might have you just haven't discovered it on a shelf yet. Be sure to ask for help.

Where else to look

We sincerly hope you will ad Dollar Deal Thrift to your weekly search collictibles. Other fine places for hidden collectible treasures are garage sales, on-line auctions, Ebay, Specialty Forums where collectors hang out, Estate Sales, Farm Sales if you live in a rural area that has them, newspaper classified ads, Specialty Shops in your area, Pawn shops, other thrift stores, antique stores, consignment stores and vintage clothing stores if you are looking for accessory type collectibles. Of course if you are looking for a comic book a comic book shop is an obvious suggestion.

Why are you lookin for collectibles?

This will give you the best idea of where to look. If, for example, you are looking to re-sell your purchased collectible for a profit then our store, Dollar Deal Thrift, would be a good solution and other thrift stores, estated sales, garage sales, all auctions and on-line sites.

If you are looking to complete a set and are looking for the best quality you can find then perhaps a dealer who has the item you are looking for and is willing to sell at a price your are willing to pay might be best. Retail stores specializing in the collectible type you are looking for. For example, I know of a store, that deal specifically with entertainer, movie star collectibles from the clothes they wore to journals and letters they wrote. Big money for some not so much for others. If you are interested in autograph collectibles then getting to know the signatures of the people you want to collect will be mandatory.

Where to start if you are new and want to become a collector?

Once again that will depend on your motivation. If you are looking for a profitable enterprise then perhaps you will want to do some research on products that are in high demand and provide a good profit. That can be a very valuable bit of research should you land on an item that has value, a base of customers already purchasing the item and good profit from a sale. Sharing this basic knowledge may help you get started on a fun hobby that could actually put cash profits in your pockets.

If you are collecting because you have a passion for the items you will be collecting you might want to cultivate a network of buyers and sellers to be sure you are plugged in and can access an item with a simple phone call or email. That will make you a member of the community of collectors your reach out to. Be sure to honor your commitments, it's likely you'll be back buying or selling to the same people over and over.

Virgil Pontes
Hi, I'm Virgil and I agree with my wife Sharon. This Bio thing is much better done in person. I would really like to meet you and hear some of your stories about life and, if you like, I'll be happy to share a bit about me. If you can't make it today to Dollar Deal Thrift, head on over to the weekly blogs to find out a little about my passion for racing. Hope to see you soon at Dollar Deal Thrift!!!

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