September 24, 2015


What fun. Guiltless jewelry buying at Dollar Deal Thrift. One thing is for sure, with family budgets strapped and making ends meet for just the bare necessities an accomplishment in intelf, adding money for jewelry, borders on the impossible. At Dollar Deal Thrift we have great prices on jewelry for both men and women. So don't worry about breaking the budget. Come on in and pick out the jewelry that fits your style, we'll make sure it fits you budget.

Sharon Pontes
Hi, my name is Sharon Pontes. I really enjoy being around people and so owning a thrift store is a perfect fit. Since we aren't talking and you are reading about me how about coming down to Dollar Deal Thrift and let's do this Bio thing in person. Much better, don't you agree? I would love to hear some of your life stories and will tell you a couple of mine too, if you like. If you can't make it head over to our weekly posts and there is quite a bit of info on me in one of the posts. Please, do stop by when you can!!!

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